Glade Park’s current fire risk:

* 550 mi² including the 183 mi² Dolores Triangle.
Glade Park occupies 11% of Mesa County.  
The Glade Park Fire Department is not supported by your tax dollars. It is entirely supported through fundraising efforts and donations.  

The department is staffed 100% by volunteers who donate hundreds of hours of time every year, training and responding to calls 24/7.


Picture of the completed water cistern

New 36,000 Gallon Cistern Completed

Increasing capacity to 56,000 gallons!

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) provides ratings on a scale of 1-10 to fire departments and insurance companies, reflecting a community’s preparedness level for fires. The best rating is an ISO score of 1. Factors influencing an ISO rating include: equipment capability, member training, apparatus maintenance and water supply, among others. Glade Park Fire meets many of the criteria: a fire engine that pumps 1,250 gallons per minute, member training hours logged, and two water tender trucks that are parked out of the elements. 

Another important factor is water storage capacity. The cistern at the fire station holds 20,000 gallons, but in order to improve the ISO rating, the storage needed to be doubled.

All successful projects depend on talented craftsmen and reliable businesses. Glade Park Fire was fortunate enough to have two such businesses manage the recent cistern installation. JB Kroft Excavation (JB & Neil Kroft) and Grand Valley Quality Concrete (Mike Campbell & Crew). These owners are Glade Park residents going the extra mile to support the fire department and in turn the whole community.

Projects always require funding, and an opportunity to advance the timeline came thanks to the generous donation from a philanthropic ranching couple living on Glade Park. The fire department was a recipient of their gift that paved the way to this water storage goal.

 JB & Neil Kroft and Mike Campbell excavated and formed the new 36,000 gallon concrete cistern. The cistern is a 27’x27’ box with 10 inch thick walls and a 25’x25’ concrete lid that is 8 inches thick. Many accolades go to these contractors for the excavation, forming, pouring and regrading. The project could not have been accomplished this year without their generosity, and on a timeline that allows Movies Under The Stars to begin June 9th. The water supply capacity is now 56,000 gallons and the ISO rating for residences within a five-mile radius of the fire station will be reassessed and lowered from 8.4 if all goes as expected. Those within a 10 mile radius should also see a reduction from their current number after reassessment by the ISO. The final ISO rating and how it translates to a homeowners’ individual insurance company premium is between the person and their company.

Many thanks to JB, Neil and Mike and the generous benefactors. Your generosity will benefit many in this beautiful community.

June 2023