New Home Construction / Building Permits

Mesa County governs the permit process, but GPFD assists the county by providing inspections for property fire mitigation and property access.

Property Access Requirements

Driveways 150′ or longer as measured from the nearest public road must meet the following requirements.

  • Roads & driveways:
    • Minimum 12′ width, recommended 14′ width, with road base and gravel
    • 20′ horizontal clearance between combustible vegetation on each side of the road/driveway
    • 15′ vertical clearance from the crown of the road surface to any obstruction
  • Must have adequate drainage
    •  Metal and concrete culverts are acceptable
  • Must be capable of supporting a 50,000 lb vehicle
  • Must have a minimum 50′ wide turnaround somewhere near the dwelling for multiple fire apparatus
  • Note that there are several neighborhoods in Glade Park that have privately-owned access roads.  The 150′ requirement includes these private-access neighborhood roads leading to your proposed driveway.  The 150′ measurement begins at the public road, not at the privately-owned road used to access your driveway.

     Wildland Fire Property Mitigation Assessment

  • Use the resources on this website to prepare your property for wildland and structure fire incidents.
  • GPFD can help you assess the Home Ignition Zone 
  • GPFD can offer recommendations about appropriate fire-resistant building materials for the roof and structure
  • The Glade Park Fire Mitigation CO-OP exists to support this mission.  Consider contacting them to help prepare for the GPFD assessment.